Sunday, February 17, 2013

Here I go again

    I have had many blogs in the past. Anything from games I like to play to life in general and I can never seem to keep up with them. I have a Pinterest, Tumbler and even a Twitter (but I can't keep up so I don't even try).
    Many things have happened in my life recently and it's made me want to blog again. Heaven forbid I just keep a nice private diary! It's 2013 people! Everyone needs to know everything about everybody!
    Quick overview on me:
36, married since 2009, step-mom to a 10 year old and bio-mom to a 1 year old and adopted mom to an 10 year old fur-baby. I work full time and attend church twice a week.
That is just the basics, the rest you will find out on your own through this blog. If anyone reads it.

For now I must sleep... so long as the baby doesn't wake as soon as I lay my head down...